Memozzle is a fast paced and fun card memory matching game where you can challenge your friends.

You have maximum 1 minute to find the matching pairs !

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  • “ Very nice adaptation of the popular matching game ”
  • “ At last a fresh matching card game. Easy to use and catchy catchy ”
  • “ It’s official – I love this game, self-challenge game merged with social features.”


Find the matching pair, just select 2 cards on the board and flips them over. If the illustrations on the cards match, you keep the cards. If the illustrations on the cards do not match, the cards are turned back.


Get points!

Each time you match 2 cards you get +100 points. Following matches gives you extra bonus. After the first 2 cards flipped, each time you fell to match a pair using again a card you already flipped, you get -5 points.



The matches are played in 3 rounds and the maximum available time in each round is 1 minute. The player with the highest score after three rounds wins the match.